Host Records Help

This table associates a name with an address. You can associate any name with any Address. The address is either a numerical designator assigned to a computer on the network, or the host and domain of a machine, or a URL. No address can be greater than 260 characters total

If you want the record to point an IP address, you must select either a record type of "Address (A). You must also use the form The first and fourth xxx are numbers between 1 and 254. The second and third xxx are numbers between 0 and 254. An example of an IP address is: "". If you are creating a new name, we have already filled-in the "www" host address with a default IP address that will display a web page that you can use to make sure the name is being properly delegated by our servers. This default web page address is "". You are not required to use this IP address, and in fact, you will probably want to use your own as soon as you can. FYI, some other example IP address are: (Netscape, (Microsoft (Yahoo

If you use a host and domain combination, you must select the record type of "Alias (CNAME)". You must also use the format "".

If you want the record to be forwarded to a URL you must select "URL Redirect" or "URL Frame" from the drop-down menu and enter a valid URL into the "Address" box.

If you do not enter a valid name, URL, or IP, then that host record (name & address pair) will not be added to the DNS or our database.

You can delete an entry by deleting the address and host name, then clicking the save button.

Record Types

We allow five types of address records to be added to our DNS servers. They are as follows:

What are the terms for the parts of a domain name?
The "www" part of the address is an example of a third level domain. The "yourname" part is an example of a second level domain (SLD) and the ".com" is an example of a top level domain (TLD).

Why won't my url forward when I put it into the third level domain information?
You must be sure to click on "Save" when you are done to save the changes, it can take up to 2 hours for changes to take effect.

What is the meaning of the term "URL REDIRECT"?
With URL REDIRECT, when someone types your domain name, for example,, we transfer them to your website and when they get there, they see the entire URL path to where your website is actually hosted, for example,

What is the meaning of the term "URL FRAME"?
With URL FRAME, when someone types in your domain name, for example,, and they get to your website they only see your domain name in the browser address bar, for example,